The Greater Risk

The Greater Risk 1

The Greater Risk 2

The Greater Risk 3

The Greater Risk 4

The Greater Risk 5

Sometimes, the greater risk is not taking one at all.

Living in NYC

Living in NYC

What do you mean I spent $800 last month, just on food??


What is the line between excuses and limitations? It’s hard to say. It’s unrealistic to think that anyone can do anything, anytime – but so often we shut ourselves down with reminders of what we are not, without even giving it a shot.

By nature, there are certain things we’re good at, and certain things we’re not. But just because we’re not good at them doesn’t mean that they’re impossible. Venture out and push your limits, who knows what you might find?

Limitations Part 1Limitations Part 2Limitations Part 3Limitations Part 4Limitations Part 5Limitations Part 6

The Email Struggle

The Email Struggle Part 1The Email Struggle Part 2

The Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset Part 1The Growth Mindset Part 2The Growth Mindset Part 3The Growth Mindset Part 4

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall Part 1Hole in the Wall Part 2Hole in the Wall Part 3Hole in the Wall Part 4

“Kids from 1 to 92”

Kids from 1 to 92 Part 1

“Last Christmas”

Last Christmas Part 1Last Christmas Part 2

I love Christmas songs, but I think a couple of lyrics can be improved…

What do you think?

Who Are You Jealous Of?

Not sure what you want to do or who you want to be? This is a great question to kick off some inner soul-searching. Whatever or whoever you’re jealous of gives you an idea of what’s important to you and what you really want.

Jealousy isn’t bad if it spurs action!

Who Are You Jealous Of Part 1Who Are You Jealous Of Part 2Who Are You Jealous Of Part 3Who Are You Jealous Of Part 4

If I got locked away…

If I got locked away...

Yes to everything else in the song, but come on, let’s have some standards.

Same to “love the way you lie” – NO.