A Life of Lists

Report cards, college applications, résumés. There’s always someone to please in the next step of life – teachers, bosses, award panels, etc. – and for the most part, we know what it takes to please them. The tests we study for, the extracurriculars we amass, the accolades we collect – is it out of genuine interest or to check off another box on some gigantic list of life?

But in the end, who’s really looking? And what will they say?

A Life of Lists Part 1A Life of Lists Part 2

Out of the Underground

This is what happens when a recent college grad spends too much time on the subway.

Up until now, I’ve been following life goals that have been listed out for me, going down set tracks that countless others have been on before me.

Get good grades to get into a good college to get a good job. Now I’ve done it, I’ve made it! But…now what? For the first time, I have to venture off the tracks and choose for myself.

This is scary. So my first course of action? Make it into a cartoon.

Out of the Underground Part 1

Out of the Underground Part 2