What is the line between excuses and limitations? It’s hard to say. It’s unrealistic to think that anyone can do anything, anytime – but so often we shut ourselves down with reminders of what we are not, without even giving it a shot.

By nature, there are certain things we’re good at, and certain things we’re not. But just because we’re not good at them doesn’t mean that they’re impossible. Venture out and push your limits, who knows what you might find?

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Two Boats at Once

Once we decide to carve our own paths, where do we go? Grad school or continue working? This industry or that one? Girl A or Girl B?

We’re constantly assaulted by a string of decisions. It’s such a paralyzing selection that we often don’t want to make a choice. Or, if we could only keep our options open, we don’t HAVE to make a choice.

But choosing everything is effectively choosing nothing, and choosing nothing is still a choice.

In Chinese, there is a saying “脚踏两条船” (stepping on two boats at once). It usually refers to cheating, but I think it applies to any decision – either way, there’s never a happy ending!

Two Boats at Once Comic Part 1